The not for profit foundation Fondation du Littoral was created by Leviers de Contrôle-LC, the parent-company of Groupe LMBO, on May, 11th 2005. It brings to the littoral, the skill and the experience of the Groupe LMBO in the areas of creation, and transmission, and of project management.

The coastal lands concentrate a great number of wonderful places, of fragilities, environment and of hopes of our planet. In association with the people who live and work there, the Fondation du Littoral wants to promote their responsible and sustainable development.

Its contribution to promote or to lead projects with local residents, directed to an economic valorisation and with harmony. It aims to weave with them the bonds of longterm exchange and solidarity.

The Fondation du Littoral supports the action of the Conservatoire du Littoral et des Rivages Lacustres.